The Pastor’s page

From the Rector’s Desk:  Welcome to the new Trinity Episcopal Church web page!  We have created this web site for two groups: those who are already a member of the congregation or are specifically looking for information about Trinity; and for those who are still searching for a community that will support and nurture their faith journey even if they are not certain where their journey is taking them or what a journey in faith means. 

          For those simply seeking information, we have added many buttons to hopefully answer your questions and a link to email for more information. 

          For those searching for something perhaps yet undefined, a longing inside of you that speaks to something beyond ourselves yet that gives meaning to the present; something that calls us out of our own self-centeredness yet speaks of forgiveness and compassion; something that can wrap us within an embrace of unquestioning love even when voices in our head tell us we are undeserving and not enough.  For you we offer an opportunity to explore these questions with the anonymity of the internet if you wish.  Journey with us in the study of scripture, sharing your thoughts on our blog, follow a link to other spiritual communities.

          Some of you have grown up in the internet age and know your way around while I am quite the novice.  I apologize now for use of words that are church jargon (I will try my best to keep these to a minimum and invite you to call me on it) and if I use these internet tools in ways that seem archaic (again I invite you to help me grow into what is for me a new media).

          I invite you to travel in kindness and love with me as we explore the possibility of God in our lives, the possibility of greater truths out there about ourselves and the universe, and the possibility that we are loved and included in something that is transformative.

You Are Indispensable !!

For God, you are someone who is indispensable.
There isn’t anyone quite like you.
There isn’t anyone who can serve God like you.
There isn’t anyone who can replace you.
And God depends on you.
And God believes in you.

Most Rev. Archbishop Desmond Tutu