Vestry Minutes

Keep up with the inner workings of the Vestry by reading our monthly minutes.

Trinity Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2018

In attendance:

  • Leslie Lampert
  • Nancy Ponzetti
  • Bill Collison
  • Bernie Carson
  • Rich Griswold
  • Jason Briggs
  • Kim Oliver
  • Alleen Eastwood – Unavailable
  • Janine Talbot
  • Katherine Russo
  • Deb Christian
  • Holly Kozlowski

Nancy opened the meeting at 6:36 pm.

Welcome to Jason.


On par between budget and pledged income.  We are in the black right now.  Savings are in payroll and in the printing of the bulletin.

Old Business:

Agenda approval – motion to accept by Rich, second by Katherine. All in favor. Approved

Minutes from February meeting – motion to accept made by Bernie, Second Rich. All in favor, approved.

Vestry retreat will be at Holly’s home. Lead by Reverend Mary Ropp.  Friday night begins at 5 pm to 8:45. Saturday is 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Rich moved to end the retreat at 12:30, Second by Bill.  Nancy will send the agenda out later today.

Discernment Process Survey information was received by the diocesan search committee on Monday.

Officer Ken Foss will be here at 5:30 prior to the next vestry meeting.  He has a 1-hour presentation.  Questions will be taken after.  This discussion will be about building security.  Rich recommends keeping phones on during services but on silence.

Rich suggests creating a mail slot in the front door of the church.  Leslie suggested moving it to the side so the mail drops into the nursery.  Bill suggests asking the post office about a locked box.  Additional suggestion made to put the slot in the kitchen door.  Rich will do additional research.

Pastoral Care community. Bob Dunn brought communion to our second parishioner.  The committee has been reaching out to members that haven’t been seen in a while.

Thank you notes:  Alison Sovetsky (updating Facebook) and Nancy Kopack (reviewing diolog and reviewing ECF – highlighting articles to review).

New Business:

Rich found turkeys in the freezer.  Nancy made the suggestion was made to have a turkey super in April.  Recommended date was the 21st.  Jason reviewed what it takes to put on a turkey super.  He offered to help.  Janine will do the publicity.  She offered to also head it up.  Jason suggested meeting with Arlene to get her list.  Bernie offered to help Janine with this process.  Deb also offered to help.  Official date will be 4/21.   Rich suggested tying the proceeds of the super to help fund the completion of converting the parish hall to gas.

Other open projects – Leaky roof.  Electrical outlets in the parish hall and the last is a sound system for the church.

Lawn mower:  There are issues with the current mowers.  Rich wants to buy a new mower.  Bernie made a motion to buy a new mower. Seconded by Katherine.  Approved by all, passed.

Kitchen clean up – Rich wants to clean up the kitchen – completely emptying the cabinets, etc.  Nancy has put out a request to Thornton Academy for help.  She also asked if they would also be interested in assisting with things like the turkey super.  Date is TBD until Nancy hears back from the school.

Mary’s Walk – It is on March 18th.  We need to get a group to go out and ring bells.  Leslie and Deb will lead this together.

Senior Warden Report

Supply clergy – so far so good. People are coming. We are booked through Labor Day.  There was a concern about Reverend Susan Barry Taylor because people actually walked out of service.

The senior warden from Scarborough wants to meet with Nancy, Rich and Kim to see how we might help each other.

Junior Warden Report

Tuesday of this week completed phase 1 of the gas hook up of the church.  The tank, pad and all the lines were removed.  We are now proceeding to get a quote on the parish hall.  We will get 2 quotes, one to convert the heating and one to convert the stove to natural gas.

Rich stripped and waxed the floor in the vestibule.

New phones were installed in the office.  They are still staticky so Rich will contact GWI to figure out why.

Rich added a railing to the attic stairwell.

A number of items were added to Rich’s list to be fixed.

Notes ended while vestry moved to executive session.

April 12 Vestry Meeting Minutes